PCA IV infusion is used to allow clients ready access to analgesia. Which nursing intervention related to the scheduled bone scan is most important to implement? Which positioning indicates that the crutches are sized correctly? Which nsg intervention will promote improved coping for Terry? CORRECT Because the incidence of RA in persons with a positive family history is significantly greater that for the general population, genetic predisposition is probably a significant etiologic factor. Terry’s HCP prescribes the following med:

Exercise joints to the point of pain 4 times a day. The health care provider ordered inflix…. Terry is exhibiting symptoms of sepsis. The nurse should always assess the client first because pain may indicate a complication that requires medical intervention. Which information should be included when teaching Terry how to manager her chronic pain? This includes assessment for the six Ps: Assess the patient’s rheumatoid arthrit….

The nurse’s assessment findings include the following: Which of the following symptoms would you expect to assess in persons diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis? The PN explains the pain in June’s joints as having what etiology?

Which assessment findings may indicate aspirin toxicity? Help Terry practice problem-solving techniques. Which surgical procedure is performed to repair and replace a joint?

Over the next several months, Terry returns regularly to the clinic for ongoing mgmt of her RA, but her pain, fatigue, and joint mobility continue to worsen. Early signs of shock include agitation and restlessness resulting from cerebral hypoxia. However, the nurse will still need to monitor Terry for indications that the prescribed dose is not excessive.

Obtain wound and blood cultures. Which adverse rheumatoid arthritis with joint arthroplasty evolve case study quizlet of methotrexate places Terry at the highest risk for infection? The nurse includes a review of crutch walking techs in the DC teaching plan.

Making a client-focused suggestion offers Terry an alternative without being confrontational or belittling. Which of the following instructions concerning aspirin are correct?

RA with Joint Arthroplasty HESI case study

D Instruct Terry to increase fluid intake after the test. The client with neutropenia should be instructed to institute measures to avoid infections. Which assessment finding should be reported to the healthcare provider? Rheumatoid arthritis RA Epidemiology. Explain that the medications are not working because the client is too anxious.

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Terry demonstrates the correct use of crutches for ambulation and transfers. Decreased levels of neutrophils place the client at high risk for infection. B Arms flexed 20 degrees, crutch top two finger-widths from axilla. She is placed on a CPM machine to begin her rehab.

Keep the affected extremities elevated. A diet containing iron-rich foods liver, oysters, clams, organ meat, lean meat, whole grains, legumes, and leafy green vegetables is recommended to decrease anemia. Inflammatory cytokines associated with…. What action should the PN take next? Joints commonly affected with rheumatoid arthritis include which of the following? The pump is set to prevent you from receiving an overdose. Presence of paresthesia bilaterally. Airway Complications with Rheumatoid Ar….

Following surgery, Terry is transferred to the Surgical Nsg Rheumatoid arthritis with joint arthroplasty evolve case study quizlet.

Terry is exhibiting symptoms of sepsis. Exercise the weakest joints to avoid misuse. Which positioning indicates that the crutches are sized correctly? The health care provider diagnosed Mrs. I just don’t think life is worth living if I have to live like this forever.

Have you considered the possibility of surgical joint replacement?