You’ll encounter a range of different types of literature from across a number of historical periods. Go to About Us home. This course is thus broad in chronological scope, covering more than eight hundred years, and extensive in geographical range, taking you from the Atlantic to the Euphrates, from the Atlas mountains to the North Sea. In broadly the first half of the semester you will use pastiche and other techniques to develop basic screenwriting skills. Our aim is to provide an introduction to sociolinguistics and throughout the module you will discover a wealth of different approaches to analysing language in relations to many different social variables, such as class, gender or social distance. On successful completion of the module, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to consider the diversity of American literature and the complexities of American cultural and national identity. You will focus on a number of distinctive musical traditions – from minstrelsy to blues, jazz, and country; from rock and roll to hip hop – and consider the way that they have shaped popular music today.

You’ll be taught by lecture, screening and seminar. Sebald and Rose Tremain. Introduction Aut or Creative Writing: One of the first year modules includes one-to-one collaborative work with students on the Illustration BA at Norwich University of the Arts. You will also be expected to undertake a summative project which requires you to research a specific area of practice in the creative industries sector, create examples of written work pertinent to this, and reflect on your own development.

Share this course Back to search Ask a question. Close and careful attention to narrative form literary language, structure and characterisation is central to the way you will approach all uea creative writing ba texts on your module.

Reading will be drawn from short story writers – and writing about the short story – roughly spanning the 19th century to the present, and from a range of cultural contexts. Students will select 20 credits from the following modules: The list of authors chosen for the module changes regularly, as you would expect.

English Literature with Creative Writing BA (Hons)

You’ll learn how radicals, while often marginalised or uea creative writing ba, assumed pivotal roles as effective organizers in mass movements dedicated to achieving class, race, gender and sexual equality in America. Over the course of the module, you’ll develop uea creative writing ba understanding of the range and reach of media and the multiplicity of factors determining how, when and where populations are enabled to access and participate in media activities.

Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies. Develop your skills, build a strong CV and focus your extra-curricular activities while studying with our employer-valued UEA award.

Centre for Interprofessional Practice.

Uea Creative Writing Entry Requirements

You’ll gain insight into what makes this writing distinctive and an awareness of the political, social and cultural conditions that created it. On successful completion of your module, you will have the knowledge and skills to assess the complexities of climate change fiction as a new literary genre, discuss the emotive reach and influence of fiction in this context, uea creative writing ba evaluate the strategies uea creative writing ba contemporary cli-fi writers.

You’ll investigate the varieties of realism by exploring the multifarious and innovative ways in which writers have exploited a variety of literary forms with the aim of producing the impression of a faithful representation of historical reality. You’ll be able to explain why it is difficult to define, and write about, the ‘contemporary. At the end of the module, you’ll be able to read reality-based as well as other comics in a transformative way, and will have gained a deep understanding of how this vibrant and upcoming cultural form creates new opportunities for representing the increasingly complex personal and geopolitical realities of the world in the twenty-first century.

This activity is designed to support you in your development, to inspire new work, and to expose you to a variety of styles and so help you to expand your own repertoire as a writer. Today, literature in Uea creative writing ba is produced in many countries across the world and English increasingly enjoys a status as a ‘global’ language.

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It is in a sense our intention to enable you to approach your subject whether that be your own particular topic, your own discipline, or the field as a whole with an ability to interpret it, understand its ‘Americanness’, and so understand the subtle nuances often lost on outsiders. Scriptwriting Aut as compulsory modules. Upon successfully completion of this module, you will have achieved a higher-intermediate level of Spanish. Your tutors’ guidance doesn’t stop when the seminar ends.

Uea creative writing ba American musical styles still dominate the globe, uea creative writing ba they have done for decades. As well as speaking and listening to each other you will apply a range of strategies to help you produce and understand longer texts.

You’ll encounter representations of city life in novels showcasing the businessman as a new type of cultural hero, mass-media newspaper columns that helped establish a place for the urban middle class, and political slum-set novels from the Great Depression, among many other forms. You will have the opportunity to read a wide range of primary sources as well as considering key historiographical debates.

You will be taught how to set up, run and market your own publication such as a magazine, a book, a fanzineto consider the principles of good design, and will learn the rudiments of finance, scheduling and copyright law. Please see Additional Course Fees for details of other course-related uea creative writing ba.

A basic intermediate course in German will enable you to add a vital skill to your CV. Undergraduate Full time Part time. Information for Student Journalists. Midwifery Shortened Official course information Apply now.

You will able be able to clearly uea creative writing ba how African Americans have shaped our understanding of the American nation, democracy and the meaning of human rights. Go to Business home. You will have the opportunity to work within your uea creative writing ba organisations and undertake tasks that will help you to gain a better understanding of professional practices within your chosen sector.

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You could spend your year in the US, or add a comparative element to your studies by studying in Canada or the Pacific Rim countries. Rather than see the practice of journalism and the critical study of journalism as distinct activities, this module aims to engage you as critical readers and writers whose work uea creative writing ba informed by both contexts.

This ensures you uea creative writing ba as a writer who has a real awareness of how your work fits into the traditions of English literature. Positioned at the hub of trade routes which spanned out across the known world, the city of Venice was a major commercial and political power during the medieval, renaissance, and early modern periods.

I’d love to talk to others who have applied for the course. In previous years this module has featured a study trip to Venice.

You’ll consider the issues they identify as pressing in American culture, as well as the literary strategies used to explore those issues. A thorough reading knowledge of another language besides English is advisable, but not essential.