SlideShare Explore Search You. I would not charge for intramural athletics or for the library. Some aircraft depreciate faster than others. Strangely, he also implied that Heidelberg engineer had helped ISD develop the X, and Heidelberg was reimbursed for the cost of the engineers, but earned no profit for this work. In my opinion, the first paragraph of the case makes it clear that it is this last strategy that Mr.

They might usefully make observations about each of four sometimes-conflicting concerns—good economic decision-making, financial reporting effects, potentials for asset write-offs if assets are depreciated too slowly , and potentials for gameplaying. Looking at the assumptions of aircraft lives will suggest to all that Lufthansa is the most conservative. Few would argue that each course should pay its own way, and by extension, the argument can be made that certain schools should be subsidized. Pedagogy This case should only be used with students who have studied the mechanics of depreciation accounting. Actually, the process would require that the schools put in their requests and the president allocate the funds in a way that causes the minimum amount of dissatisfaction. Question 3 One alternative to the profit center approach is, of course, to keep the present system.

In discussing the several issues, two questions provide a central focus: One possible cause of this phenomenon is the fact that generally accepted accounting principles ignore the cost of equity capital in calculating net income.

Cash outflow if zumwald ag case study solution from Display Technologies. Points that were obscure zumwald ag case study solution Chapter 15 was first assigned should now be clearer.

Price Unit Total Price policy Volume Contribution Contribution Full price 70 90 6, Cut price 50 5, Maybe because of market conditions and customer price sensitivities, Heidelberg is better off giving up some business to retain higher margins, even though they are operating in a below-capacity condition.

Here is how to write from your perspective and show your reader the true sense of the story. If you choose the wrong website, the order will result with a waste zumwald ag case study solution of time and money. This case is unchanged from the Eleventh Edition. Zumwald manages ran the company on a highly decentralized basis.

Zumwald ag case study solution

The case describes a transfer pricing issue that is common in decentralized, divisionalized firms. That is, should they maintain one set of books for financial 4. Having had the initial discussion, I would assign the job of developing a new proposal to someone in the administration or possibly to a committee so that the next version would be given to the deans as coming from within the institution and taking account of their concerns.

I leave open the possibility of a discount, but say that we don’t have time or information to reach a consensus on how large it should be. Question 1 What are the effects of this accounting policy choice on managerial decisions? We do not know the potential zumwald ag case study solution of this project; its payback period is less than 4 years we can’t tell zumwald ag case study solution much less: Some students get confused about this issue because they do not realize that in the books U.

Embeds 0 No embeds. Purpose of Case This case describes a transfer pricing issue that is common in decentralized, divisionalized firms.

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What is the incremental ROI on the proposed project? Creative Living replaced some of my windows. This argues for an expense center approach, with an explicit effort made to measure service department customer satisfaction. For purposes of managerial evaluation, a division’s ROI target should zumwald ag case study solution negotiated between the division manager and his or her superior, as part of the budgeting process.

As a newcomer in the industry that look for growing its market share, obviously Display tech are willing to compete in price.

If the managers of a particular airline do not want to maintain a third set of books, should they tend to be conservative or liberal in their aircraft depreciation accounting?

zumwald ag case study solution

Accounting Text and Cases 12 Ed. Chapter 22

Approach The idea of profit centers in universities dates back many decades, probably to President A. Instructors should only intervene if students fail to recognize the advantages of decentralization. In my opinion, this is the way Mr Halperin zumwald ag case study solution his division and been emphasizing this to his salespeople. Because used aircraft prices decline very slowly, the economic depreciation is likely to be much slower than any policy any airline currently uses. This case was written to force students to consider the decision-making implications of one seemingly zumwald ag case study solution accounting policy choice decision.

But the Display Technologies quote causes some worries. The maintenance department should be given zumwald ag case study solution authority to do this. It would be possible to charge certain expenses to the individual schools for information purposes, but not include them in the formal budgets nor make the corresponding credits to the departments that furnish the services.

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If your students have been exposed to capital budgeting techniques, they quickly will point out that a discounting technique should be used to evaluate Ms. Why do airline companies choose different depreciation policies?

American AMR is the most liberal. Rummaging around, through the thick snow she finally found a suitably sized stone.

Assessing performance of manager of Department 7: But with decentralization comes risks of suboptimization.